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Guidelines of the Board of Directors
Financial Guidelines of the Board
Standard Operating Procedures of the Board
Committees and Taskforces
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Committees and Taskforces 

Technical Working Group 

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is a small group of Board Members who can provide supervision of the technical aspects of the management of the study proposed. (NB: In the case of the Sudbury Soils Study, the TWG is composed of six organizations  

The TWG is composed of individuals who provide themselves or have at their disposal technical expertise and resources to assist with their task.  The defined tasks will be outlined separately under “Skill Set of the Technical Working Group”. 


Role, Skill Set and Membership of the Technical Working Group (TWG) 

Role of the Technical Working Group 

The TWG reports to the Lambton Community Health Study Board the role of the Technical Working Group (TWG) oversee the implementation of the overall Lambton Community Health study(ies) and advise the Board on  issues of science and research methodology.[1] 

The TWG shall: 

  1. Oversee the development of an Request for Proposal(s) (RFP) based upon the agreed upon health questions;
  2. Oversee the development of criteria for evaluation and selection of the study team(s) to carry out the study(ies);
  3. Present to the Board the results of their evaluation for approval by the Board.
  4. Oversee the activities of the study team(s);
  5. Receive progress reports as pre arranged and as requested from the study team(s);
  6. Organize updates to the Board;
  7. Assist the study team(s) with specific problems that may be encountered once the study(ies) are initiated;
  8. Arrange the peer review of study team(s)  reports at appropriate times;
  9. Keep the Board apprised of any issues that may be of real or potential concern to the study such as: budgets; conflicts of interest; research methodology, etc.  

[1] Research methodology includes all study methods, implementation issues, overcoming challenges, ethical issues, and communications.


Skill Set of the Technical Working Group

 Knowledge of the organization and management of large project;

  1. Knowledge of important issues concerning implementation of scientific research studies in general.
  2. Knowledge of technical terms that may be used by study team(s);
    e.g. epidemiological terms, risk assessment terms and methods, significance of statistics, social science concepts, toxicology,  etc.
  3. Knowledge of the community;
  4. Knowledge of environment technical issues;
  5. Knowledge of industrial technical issues, emissions issues, etc;
  6. Knowledge of health issues


Membership of the Technical Working Group

Community Round Table Alison Mahon - chair
 MOH Chris Greensmith
 OHCOW Jim Brophy
 SLEA Industry member with technical expertise-will find an appropriate person and report back to the Board.

The TWG can bring expertise to the table if needed or wanted.
The Chair of the Board is an ex officio member of the TWG.
The IPO may sit into meetings of the TWG in his/her role as Observer.

Role of External Peer Reviewer (Advisor to the Board)

  • Not involved with the process and does not attend all meetings
  • Reviews technical material  from TWG on ad hoc basis and reviews ongoing work and special reports as requested
  • Is familiar with Board mission and objectives
  • Must have technical skills and credentials (TBD according to planned studies)


 Role of Independent Ethics Reviewer (advisor to the Board)  

  • Not involved with the process and does not attend all meetings
  • Is familiar with Board mission and objectives
  • Must have credentials as ethicist in environmental issues
  • Reviews study progress, participation, results, and implications from ethical perspectives

Role of Study Team

  • Carry out the work as per RFP requirements
    (Study design, implementation, data collection, analysis, dissemination, etc.)