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Independent Process Observer
Terms of Agreement of IPO
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Independent Process Observer (IPO) 
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IPO Reports 2010
The Inepedent Process Observer Reports for 2010 Can be found here:

Role and Purpose of the IPO

The IPO observes the board process, but does not take part in discussions, voting, etc.

The purpose of the Independent Process Observer (IPO) is to oversee and report on the process used to conduct the study to ensure that it is transparent to the community and that communication with the public is timely and effective.

Ideally, the Independent Process Observer (IPO) should have the following characteristics:

Highly regarded member of the community;
Sufficiently knowledgeable of health issues relevant to residents of Lambton County;
An impartial third party;
Be independent of any bureaucracy;
Non-voting on the governing board;
Independent of committees; and,
Sits as a non-voting member of committees.

At all times, the IPO represents the interest of both the general public and the environment. His/her views and comments are of a personal nature and do not represent his employer. In addition, the IPO will ensure that there is timely and accurate information communicated to the public in an effective manner.

Modeled after the Sudbury experience, the IPO’s responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

Regularly reviews the processes under his/her purview;

Reports to the public on a regular basis;

Act as an impartial observer and recorder of the process;

Maintain the right to review information and files such as minutes of meetings, terms of reference, proposals, draft reports, and final reports pertaining to the HHRA/ERA process;

Act as an observer and where necessary as a facilitator to ensure that proper practice is followed with the governing board and relevant sub-committees;

Receive comment/input/complaints from the public on matters relating to process and respond appropriately (similar to an ombudsman role);

Point out and suggest remedies for inconsistencies in procedures in consultation with committee members;

Recommend process improvements to the Board Committee to ensure effective and timely completion of work assignments, investigations, studies, and reporting;

Suggest opportunities to improve the process for a more effective outcome for all parties;

Prepare a quarterly written report on the overall progress and direction of the work of the committees for dissemination to the public; and

Encourage teamwork through consultation and communication.

Note: The IPO will attend all board meetings and as many committee meetings as she sees fit.

The IPO would not address complaints or concerns from the public, as to do so would impact the IPO’s impartiality. However, all of the issues brought to the IPO will be directed to the Board Chair.

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